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WG Foods Positions for Growth

WG Foods in the coming year will expand operations to include education systems while continuing to secure contracts in the business sector.  Our goal will be to acquire new business which will enable growth for the company and employees.


“WG Food Concepts does a great job with our catering requests here at Verizon! I’m thankful for the flexibility they show with creating our menus and the quality of their food.” 

Special Events
                                                          Verizon Wireless 
 -Greenville, SC

"The variety offered is GREAT!  Meals are made fresh.  Very much appreciated!"
                                                          -Lisa-Columbia SC

"I was very impressed with the café. Not only did the hot bar look first class, the food was also delicious. When I walked in, I was greeted with friendly smiles and a lot of energy. It made my day!  Thanks for your efforts."

Associate Director - Global Tech Support
Verizon Wireless
Dear Mr. Waterman,
I am writing to acknowledge the excellent customer service I receive at the Greenville, SC Verizon Call Center location. 
While all of your staff are helpful, two individuals stand out.  They always go above and beyond what is required of them.  Their names are Mia and Ashley.  They both work as cashiers.  Even in the busiest of times, they are always willing to offer assistance when needed.  They are willing to answer questions also.  If they do not know the answer, they will go find it.  Of note, Mia has even went to retrieve crushed ice for me (in the back) when the appropriate staff member was busy elsewhere.  This meant a lot to me.
Also of note, the gentlemen who serve food are also extremely patient and helpful.
Your establishment is always clean and well organized.
Thank you again for providing a staff that provides such excellent customer service.

Tara L
Customer Service Specialist
Verizon Wireless-Greenville, SC

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