WG Foods

About WG Foods


High quality foods, stellar customer service and cleanliness go hand in hand at WG Foods.

At WG Foods we are a firm believer in providing our guests with the most friendly an courteous service, unmatched by anyone in our industry.  When recruiting, we look for people that are naturally friendly and stand out in the hiring process.  We believe in buying locally; fresh produce, meats and cheeses and have a large base of signature restaurant quality entree choices to customize to the client's specification.  With over 25 years of restaurant experience our business has always had an extraordinary focus on service, attention to detail, product and management organization.


Developing your foodservice management program as our own.

With our many years of experience in foodservice, our South Carolina based company will provide you with a warm, efficient and professional management team that serves you every day.  
WG Foods makes it our mission to treat your dining facilities with an unparalleled professional management program.
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